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Announcement: The Tire Rack has been informed that as of 3-3-08 BBS pricing will be significantly increased

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While, I do not have 100% of the new pricing information at this time there will be a significant change in ALL BBS product pricing. The price changes will be effective as of 3-3-08.

I know, I have spoken to many members about BBS wheels recently so, I wanted to give everybody as much advance notice as possible regarding this new BBS pricing.

If you have any questions regarding BBS product availability and/or pricing please contact me directly or post those questions in this thread.

I will be monitoring this situation along with this thread closely today and tomorrow.

This is just another change in business strategy from the new owners of BBS much like the previously posted change to wholesale pricing.

here's the previous post regarding the new pricing policy from BBS corp.
Luke_Tirerack said:
BBS has made some changes to its business model for worldwide markets.

Effective Jan 1<sup>st</sup> 2008 there are no longer any authorized BBS product sales into the wholesale market place. This is a change that is being made worldwide by the new owners of BBS, Punch intl. There is no longer a wholesale pricing program available for mass distributors like The Tire Rack.

Thanks Luke