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I have never mentioned anything against Angry **** so re-read my posts. All I have added is my opinion to this set up, which if for street use only, is a waste of money.

The calipers are BMW(Good Choice), the discs Zimmerman and pads EBC, poor products. If customers just want an upgrade for street use, then the Tarox G88 and Hawk HPS set up and is cheaper than what the OP has done and will also out perform a Zimmerman EBC setup.

Think what you will about my set up. 45 minutes of braking to the limits from 120 mph to hairpin bends with no fade and surefooted stopping. Even locked the tyres from the high speed stops on the first couple of laps in my E34 M5. The circuit was used by the BTCC race series.

So now forums are just for individuals to add their upgrades and no one is allowed to voice an opinion.
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