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ANGOLA some now if are dif. betuin 2005/6 SMG III and 2007/8 SMG III.???

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I read horrendus posts for the SMG III hear...

I wont to know if are diferences from 2005/6 and 2007/8 SMG III ...

I think they are on the Software... and the times now are diferent...

BMW maybe make some alterations....

After read some post my intuition tells me that...

OPINION´S.....??? From onwers on the two diferent models... 2005/6 and 2007/8...

Thank you.

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This was all fixed late 06. If you get an 06 make sure the vanos and pump recall was done. If you get an 07/08 your in the clear.

I think thats right.. but this might help.

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ANGOLA.... Please witch image is that you put? explain please...

ANGOLA.... Please witch image is that you put? explain please...

Thank you for the post...

I suspect something like that... But the Vanos and the pump is on SMG III..????

Please explain better... sorry my ignorance...

Thank you Again.


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