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Angel-I-Brights Headlight Question - Installation

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I just got angel-i-brights for my M5. The directions say to remove the back of the light, twist off the old and twist in the new.

How do I remove the back? Could somebody help me out.. the directions are too unspecific for somebody like myself.

I tried to search but didn't have any luck with that either.

Thank you..
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Dunno but I've got to ask you again; What's with the S63, S600 and B7? They're basically one and the same. Are they family cars? :dunno:
They're family cars. The s63 and s600 are in NJ and the alpina is in FL.

The 63 and 600 are not the same. Interior/Exterior somewhat, but power delivery is completely different.

S63 is M5's best friend..

The B7 is somewhat like the 600 but more sporty vs luxury.
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