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cvp911t said:
Hi all-

Looking to install angel eyes on MY2000. I saw on the instructions under section 10. I didn't get the harnesses that come new with the units (I bought OEM used).

What part numbers do I need? The 2001 "final parts" list on had Audi and GM parts? What are the part numbers for the connectors that I need?

:M5eyes: Lance

When I did mine, I found that BMW sell replacement new style plugs and short connector wires for the angel eyes (for crashed vehicles) just cut off the old style plugs and soldered on the new wires insulate with some heat shrink wrap...

From what I remember its the indicators and high beam (non xenon) that are different... so four plugs and 8 wires to solder... total cost here in the UK £8-9ukp and around and hour to fit...

All the best
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