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And the engine went pop!

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If you can, pick up this weeks edition of Autocar magazine out of England. They have a luxo sedan comparison with a BMW M5, Alpina B10, EV12, Lotus Carlton, and the 5.7 litre Opel I think. In the article it mentions that an M5 owner took the speed limiter off his car and ran it at 186mh for a few moments before the engine blew. Beware of this because the warranty will definitely not cover a rebuild.
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I've my M5 already since May 1999 opened up. Since than already 42.000km run and approx. 40-60 times above the 300kph mark on the meter without any problem. If the engine will die it's a matter of how your dealer will communicate this towards Munich. So it shouldn't be a problem with the warranty. Important is only that the implanted chip doesn't change the normal engine settings so that the valve times etc. remain the same.
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