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An impromptu international meet!

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I got a PM from Dan "Stumbo" last week mentioning that Rob "FAST 5" was over from NYC and did anyone fancy a beer......

The result was a brilliant night out with Dan & Rob, followed by an even more brilliant day out at Brooklands Museum & 'Mercedes World' in Weybridge, Surrey. Obviously the drive down was an event in itself, but Brooklands was awesome & Mercedes World was quite an experience - not least because of the equipment assembled in the car park. Clearly BMW M & seriously sorted 911 drivers love the place more than any Merc owner! The museum had us all waxing lyrical about the smell of old leather, axel grease & petrol and watching a bunch of AMGs drifting on the skid pan had us all dreaming (& comparing obviously!). A truly great day out for any M5 enthusiast.

It was a real pleasure to meet a fellow enthusiast from across the pond, especially such a fascinating & entertaining one as Rob. I look forward to your next trip to blighty mate! I had such a great weekend! Here's a couple of pics from Broooklands.......

(will add pics later as website (or my PC) misbehaving at the mo.....)

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Sounds like fun Barney. Sorry I've not been around lately - very very busy at the moment. I'll try and get another lunch meet organised, once the weather clears up a bit.
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