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F430 Scuderia

0-100km/h: 3.6s
0-160km/h: 7.5s
400m: 11.6s(203km/h)
Weight: 1415kg

Few remarks: not very best build quality, only two airbags, fantastic drive dynamics test results, amazing traction, probably currently the best true sportscar on the market. YES, Germans are crazy about Scud!

BMW M3 Coupe M-DKG

0-100km/h: 4.6s(manual 4.8s)

Remarks: M-DKG excellent gearbox, better suited to the chassis and engine then manual. Fuel consumption up to 1l lower despite extra 20kf of weight. M3? As M-DKG please!

Audi TTS Coupe S Tronic

0-100km/h: 5.4s
Weight: 1422kg

Remarks: the best TT, really responsive small turbo engine with almost NO turbo lag, S Tronic very fast and smooth, excellent drive dynamics. Verdict-very, very good small sports GT.

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I really don't see the point of this comparison/test AMS did. The 430 Scud (not F430 Scud) is in a league of its own. Can't be compared to the M3 or the Audi. They don't even come close.

Just look at the 0-200 numbers and compare. Need we say more?

Did AMS really make the remark that the Scud only has two airbags? If they did they are plain stupid. This is what the Scud stands for: minimum weight, excellent handling, blistering gear shifts and acceleration that will blow your pants off. Job well done Ferrari. They achieved all this. If you care about airbags, floor mats, radio en a mini bar as options then you are at the wrong address if you go shopping for a Scud.

Having said this, the M3 and Audi are certainly good cars but AMS needs to compare apples and apples. Imo they just wanted to find a reason to test the Scud (can't blame them) and they found nothing to really compared it with. That says a lot about the Scud (and the m3 as well (in a positive way)).


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