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The transistors in the amplifier in my 07 M6 went nuclear a while back and I need to find a replacement amp. (The heat was so intense that it melted the clips holding the transistors to the heatsink while generating copious quantities of smoke.)

The car has S752A (Individual Audio System) according to a VIN decipher and below is all the info I have from the amp model 65127841160 . I can't find this number on any reliable site like realOEM and it identifies the modern replacement as 65128054808 which has 2 large blade connections that look to be for power which wouldn't be much of a plug in replacement since I haven't got those connections. Is there a retrofit for this?(Pic below from ECS Tuning)

In terms of perhaps getting a newer used amp, is there any way to be sure what other models will work before buying and will it need to be coded to the car once installed?

Finally, are there any viable aftermarket options? I've seen a couple for base and logic7 but none for this.

Thanks a lot in advance for any info/advice you may be able to offer.

65127841160 - My fried amplifier


65128054808 - Extra connection marked below.

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