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Like the other E39's the M5 shares the same mounts for the oil filter housing and power steering resevoir. Only difference is the location of the two. But as the years go on they wear out break apart causing the two housings to hang down loose. Not so much of a problem with the oil filter, but it is with the power steering fluid resevoir. The thing leaks enough as it is, though I'm going to replace it and hoses later on. I could obviously replace them with new OEM parts. But the OEM are crap and overpriced. The power steering resevoir mounts aren't too bad at around $10-11each. But the oil filter ones are around $25 each! Basically be looking at almost $70 for 4 little dinky *** rubber mounts. Yes you can find the oil filter mounts by other brands like URO for cheaper, but they are still based off the same OEM design.

So what I did is the same setup I had on my old '02 540i. I replaced the mounts with motorcycle suspension shock bushings with new flange bolts. Here's how I went about doing it.

I bought the bushings from Bob's BMW in the link here, I ordered 4 at $5.99 each

Then picked up 4 M6x1.00x20 bolts from the local Ace Hardware for about $4 (not pictured).

Here are the new bushings

Removal of the bolts is easy, all 4 are 10mm.

Here are the power steering fluid resevoir mounts. Not broken, but clearly done for.

New bushings with bolts mounted. Doesn't quite cover both bushings, but no need to over torque them. Just get them nice and evenly snug.

Here are the old oil filter housing mounts. No surprise one of them split in half as I was trying to remove it. Other one actually wasn't too bad.

And lastly here are the bushings installed. I did go back and place a washer large enough with the bolt (not pictured) for extra hold strength.

All total, cost about $35 and maybe took at worst 10 mins taking my sweet time. Could probably find the bushings cheaper but I'm happy with these. The bushings held up great on my old car. And even if these ones break, it'll still be cheaper than replacing with new OEM parts.

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