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OK, I'm sticking this here rather than in the for sale section as time is short and this will only really be of interest to people here.

I've just agreed to buy a screen/boot nav unit (more details later :7: ) so another unit I have been negotiating is now available if anyone is interested.

It's an Alpine INA-N333R radio/CD/DVD/Sat Nav, brand new, here's the original eBay ad

After lots of communication I agreed to buy it, but then discovered it was an INA-N333R rather than an RS as advertised. I gave the guy a hard time and after many emails back and forward (he's selling it for his brother) he has just emailed me and agreed to let it go for £460 + P&P

If I hadn't just agreed my deal I would buy it immediately at that price, retail is over a thousand and I haven't seen one for less that £875

The only real difference between the R and the RS is the RS has a newer DVD disk which allows postcode seacrh. My new nav unit will have the newer disk too, so..... :rolleyes:

Nothing in it for me, it's just that having finally got this deal agreed over the last few days, as I'm now not going to benefit, if it's of use to a board member then so much the better. I won't reply to him for 24 hours so if anyone is interested let me know, don't contact him direct or you won't get the deal :hihi:
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