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:byebye: Hi everybody !

I have some news to announce you.

You know all that the B9 of B9boy, official press car for Sytner, was destroyed unfortunatly.
You know that my B9 hasn't a genuine Alpina B9 engine.

So i can now tell you that a car is dead, another will be soon alive.

Fortunatly, the engine was saved before the bodyshell was reduced to nothing, and now, it's mine ! It took me one month because of hollidays of the seller (not B9boy, but a garagist, with the big help of B9boy) and because of waiting for confirmation of all matching numbers.
The engine is of course full genuine, with the good cylinder head and engine numbers.

I have to say that often, owners of Alpina are writing: My engine is genuine because there is 7777777 VIN number on it and B9/1 type for exemple.
This is not enough for Alpina to authentify the engine !

There must be a 4 digits number, this is the only way for Alpina to say, "Yes, this is the genuine one". The engine i bought has this number stamped, not far from the Vin and the B9/1 type.

The other thing is that Alpina germany hasn't any informations about bodyshell numbers from Sytner. So the seven digits i sent them first, is nothing for them, not in registry. I was very disapointed to not have the confirmation for the engine, only for the cylinder head.
And when the garagist came back from his hollidays, he found the 4 digits number.

Now, this is a new step in my project, with the genuine engine.
The only bad point is that the motronic wasn't saved. Just hope my car still have the correct one, or i will need a good motronic to make a copy of the chip. I don't have Alpina sticker on my box, but there is some kind of dirt, like a sticker was gone some times ago.

I'm always sorry for B9boy, as his B9 was beautiful. I can imagine what he can feel, if my B9 was destroyed after all the work i've done.

I will send some photos when i receive it, and of the swap job, after a good cleaning, painting of the new one. Well not new with 159 000 miles, but i know that those engines are bloody strong if well maintained.
See you soon. :M5thumbs:

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Hi Alpina Csi

Many thanks for posting the pictures.
You have a more recent motronic as mine, the 061 is the one used on B6 3,5 261 HP (i have a friend who has got one).
I thought that Alpina B9 used only the 0 261 200 011 and not the 061.
But you show me that it is wrong.

The main difference between the 061 and the 011, is that the chip on the 061 is removable easily. Son you can take it out, put it on a reader/writer of eprom, and make a copy of the software.

On the 011, all the chips are welded definitly. You can't remove any chips without unwelding. So that's why perhaps i have always the good motronic.
No need to put an Alpina sticker on a welded chip.

The actual engine is from 1983 with a cylinder head from 1990, to be closed to Alpina head cylinder (late M30 Bmw cylinder head have bigger valves, almost like Alpina) Si i think they kept the motronic when changing the engine. My Friend with its B6 3.5, has a Bmw cylinder head on the Alpina motorblock, the motronic is still the original Alpina, and the car runs good like that.

So i will try what happens with my motronic.
I don't want to purchase a new unit either.

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Hi everyone ! :hihi:

As you might all be interested, i post the photos of the engine.
I'm actually waiting for the delivery.

You can see that it is in good condition, just normal for 23 years old and 159 000 miles. I will do an external new condition with painting and renewal of aluminium parts, and depending on what have been done recently, some mechanical renewal. Perhaps clutch, cooling system, valves springs settings, etc, and if necessary head gasket.

Here you can see just a part of engine inscriptions. For Alpina this is not enough to say that it si a real B9 engine. Anybody can change the engine on an Alpina, put the seven digits of the bodywork and B9/1.
To know the 4 digits Alpina production number is quite a little bit harder :hihi:
Of course there isn't 5000 Alpina B9 engine produced, when i know that my B9 had the 4564 engine, the engine 4563 could be a B6 2,8 E30. It's done to avoid false numbering.

It would be good to had the numbers of engine in the register, for exemple the 4564 engine is blown. So nobody could build a 4564 new and fake B9 engine. But it would be a hard job.
By the way, an engine is associated to a head cylinder number, that is numbered the same way has the engine. So making fake Alpina numbers is pretty hard.


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Hi todd !
I would be happy to answer your questions, but i havn't the engine, it's currently in delivery process.
All i can answer now, is that, i think that the exaust manifold is a special version for RHD cars too, and that the fuel pressure regulator is not from BMW. But, i saw some pictures of a B6 2,8 recently, and it has the same, so...
I will have a look for all your requests, when receiving the engine :)

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Hi Charles, thanks for the comments.
my website is a copy of the thread i do on a french discussion board.
So i'm not tired to make the updates, i just simply forgot to do it, until somebody asks me about.
So i will do some update. There is no big changes, i have a new garage where to work, and i'm waiting for the new engine. That's why i didn't put the several new photos since may.
My engine will arrive in middle of next week.

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Hi Alpina enthousiasts !
The engine arrived yesterday :M5thumbs:

Engine and gearbox in good condition, except the cooling fan bended on some corners.

No "mayonnaise" in the oil, no head gasket damage.

Here you can see the cylinder head number

here the completly rusted 4230 number of engine on the lug. Dear Alpina fans, please check this number before asking Alpina if the engine is genuine.
they don't care about Vin numbers and B9/1 type. The only thing important is this number.

It's so rusty that i put the numbers in red on the photo:

the electric wires were badly cuted, a bit of shame. It wasn't difficult to take off the rubber, disconnect the motronic, and keep the motronic in the same time.

i'v taken out the air and fuel arrival, so easy when engine is out of the car.

better view to see the engine clearly.
For Todd, the red sticker only tells this is bad to use a normal key to fit the cylinder head. You have to use a dynamometric key.

then i opened the cylinder head cover, and it's a beauty, so clean, cams are almost not used. Very happy !

only one bad point, the alternator and power steering pump were damaged a bit in the crash, so the supports are bended, and the aluminium support is broken at the bottom. I have to replace those parts, and check if the engine isn't damaged due to the move of accessories.

But, it's in good way to be in my car soon :byee55amg

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M5 killer> sorry for answering so late, and thanks for the invitation.
If i go sometime in England, for sur i would be happy to visit you and your BT queen of the road :)

Bmw pat> Thank you for your help, and for the comments. All that concerns the B9 is a big interest for me, so if you could send me some details, scanned documention, i would be very grateful.
I'll send you a private message with my email.

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Hi AlpinaCsi,
i wanted to wait untill my website will be updated, but as you're asking for some news here are the pics:

I have cleaned and painted a lot of parts of the engine, done some maintenance, and next week or maybe in two weeks the engine will be installed. I hope it will run fine, but i'm sure of it !
Alpina has confirmed i have the good Motronic. Refering to the matching numbers, the motronic is a regular Bmw with only a switch to fit in position 5.
I will soon inform you about the updates of my site, and about the installation.

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hi Alpina friends !

The engine has started again yersterday, without any other problems than seeking a bad connection on the starter, and a forgotten air depression tube before the air manifold :noSMG:

So good to hear this engine running quiete well. I just started a little bit, i must now check the growing temperature, and ajust the water level, etc...
The camschaft gives it a very different noise, more low and chaotic.

Good good good !

here a small video of one of the first start.

Another good news, is that i'm becoming the owner of another Alpina B9, in beautiful condition :wroom:
i get it the next week, it just has a full service (head gasket, exaust, settings) and i just have to turn the key and drive, wow, i'm so happy about my two B9 now.
A new topic about the car next week ! :byebye:
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