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Alpina B9 restoration

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Hello everyone :byebye:

I'm a new member here, from France.
I use to read M5board very often, but i decided to register.
I own an Alpina B9 3,5 E28, that i found in the south of France, lying in a very poor shape. I got it for nothing, and fortunatly, the car was running great, even if it hasn't drive for 5 years.
So happy to own an Alpina i dreamed about lovelove, i decided to restore it.

Even if it's very rusty, very high mileage (370 000 kms), completly burnt by the south sun, it was an Alpina with such an amazing driving pleasure.
The car was running as new. I didn't know a lot about the car.
First i wanted to buy it only for some parts and the beautiful wheels.
The previous owner was a garagist that died. His brother sold me the car.
But the car was originaly from belgium, and had still the red and white driving plate.
Fortunatly, the first owner of the car, was living in France, and was a friend of the garagist who died. He made the sale papers to me, 5 years after having given the car (without any sale contract).

So he told me about his first hand car: He changed the engine at 250 000 kms, and the car had a full and expensive maintenance untill he gave it at 370 000 km, under the pressure of his wife: "You can't make expenses on a 370 000 kms car no more !!" He would have driven it untill today if he would have the choice. He was completly in love with the car.

So, since last october, i did a lot of work on the car, myself or in a bodyworkshop. The restoration is not in the "rules of the art", my purpose is only to have a safe and nice car, and having a big enjoyement in the restoration.

I register now, because more than words i can offer you a lot of photos of the project, as i've just launched my web site about it.
It's an adaptation of a post-it topic in a french forum called
It's in french, but you can see the photos in the "restauration" section.
In "recit de voyage", you have all the photos when i bought the car.

Here's the link:

I hope you will enjoy it :wroom:
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Hello b9projectcar!

Nice work you do on your B9.
It's good to hear someone restore one of the few E28 B9 still out there.

You where more lucky then me in finding out how your car was equiped at delivery.
As my car are from 1982 Alpina didn't have any records left, covering my B9 #003, that was the answer I got from Buchloe.


b9projectcar said:
Bonjour Alpina,

my B9 has the production number 348, i wrote to Alpina to be sure it's a real one with the complete serial number, and with the help of Sherlock, member here, i received the complete invoice from Alpina via jmmartin belgium.

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b9projectcar said:
I've read your problems to receive the informations about your car.
I thought there was a mistake, but i didn't know about the cars before 1983.
I got this answer from Alpina:
> Unfortunately we dissolved our archive for such old vehicles.
> Perhaps you will receive further informations from the dealer to whom we sold this car:
> Fritz Staib GmbH
> Rheinstrasse 221
> 76532 Baden-Baden
> Tel.: 07221-50880
No answer yet from Fritz Staib GmgH.
That's how far I have come for now.
It seems that all the B9 hasn't got Alpina special serial number (i know another one in france and it's the same as mine). What is about yours ?
i'm interested about that.
The engine number is important, because for the B9, the engine is completly similar to a normal 3,5 bmw, except for the black head cylinder cover.
My serial number are WBADA710XC6599137
and stamped on the engine:
+ B9 +

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b9projectcar said:
the four last digits are the same as last digits of serial number.
the first four, is engine number probably.
It's strange that your car is from year 82 and has the number 6599.
The seven last digits in serial number are the identification number on all BMW,s.
On early cars engine number should be the same as these last seven digits. From about 85 engine engine numbers are eight digits and not conected to the chassis number.
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