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Hello community,

after long and careful consideration, I will be 5.0 iL separate from my project B12 with the number # 294.
Meanwhile, a B12 5.7 iL in my fleet and I have enough "twin headlight" in it. Hence my decision to Cart Is in condition to sell. This I would like to outline briefly:

- On the wagon three antenna holes were closed by Spengler
- A little rust on the wheel arch was equal with worked up in this course.
- The body was completely painted in ALPINA Blue
- During this work, the entire interior was removed.
- The vehicle has a completely new ALPINA suspension (still in box)
- And a set of reconditioned 17 "ALPINA rims with new shoes
- Two new catalysts
- Two new lambda probes
- Two new front doors
- Two slices for these doors (double glazed)
- Blasted all axle parts sand and powder coated
- New wheel bearings with new brake disc covers and powdered
- Where available, all new chrome trim, two pieces are no longer available
- Headlamps new
Balanced propshaft -
- Brake on the new VA

That ought to chassis be everything so far, everything has been so far made ​​to the engine, to a complete disassembly.

- Oil pipes on the camshaft re-
- Ansauggumi's new
- Distributor rotor and cap new
- 12 new injectors
- 12 new spark plugs
- All water hoses new
- Heating manifold new
- WAPU new
- Resealed the lid in V
- Used on the water pipe new O-ring
- All thermostats and probe new
- Crankcase breather re-
- Worked throttle actuator

It has been determined performed more work that no longer are quite familiar to me.

Briefly the history of the vehicle, I have acquired three years ago by Rainer Witt.
He had bought this B12 of the electronic bay.
This B12 is a "Rechnungstilger" ??? The dealership has settled with the sale of the car to open the account of the owner.

What remains to be bemacht:
- The assembly of the vehicle,
- Two petrol pumps should still pure
- And one or the other clip could be purchased
- Two seats do not work div movements, which are the famous waves, replacement parts are..

All fluids were exchanged on the acquisition twice already.

Basically an honest car, like also information about the vehicle in Rainer Witt can be obtained.

Price this ALPINA's.
I realize that I will see the whole sum was invested by me no more.
My Invest incl. Purchase of the vehicle and complete the painting is as short 30t €
My selling price is 20t € and that's more than fair.

The vehicle can be seen in Neu-Ulm any time here.
The vehicle can not be driven under its own power, a Hofrunde goes, but not on public roads, since div. Components are missing it.
The removed parts are a lot, in a "large" Sprinter parts should go.
I can gladly send pictures.

About an assembly of the car I had with my friend and BMW master speak, at what price and time it can carry out this work.

Contact via PN

It would be glad if this ALPINA comes in good hands, as I believe sometimes.

The price is no longer negotiable, also determined course.

So, a nice start to the week wishes Thomas

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ALPINA is sold, the new owners have fun with the great car

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