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Hi everybody - I am new to this board but a long time BMW enthusiast :)

I drive a 2014 M5 Competition, bought it new back in July 2013 - have around 71K miles on it and enjoyed every single mile driving it.

In past 4 weeks the alarm randomly goes off every time I lock the car. The alarm can go off in less than a minute or sometime 10 to 15 minutes after the car is locked.

The only way i can lock the car is through the App. on my iPhone. Apparently locking the car via the App. does not arm all the sensors and that may be why the alarm does not go off.

Dropped the car by the dealer - they had it for about a week - but they could not determine what is wrong. They claim that they did battery voltage check, swapped FZD module, and check the OBD port. All they were able to determine was that the Lin Bus is triggering the alarm.

They still charge me for the time they spent diagnosing the issue - even though they could not determine what is wrong.

I was just wondering if any one else has come across similar issue on this board - any tips are greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance ...
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