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Today, November 4th 2017, Koenigsegg is attempting to break the top speed record. They've closed a large section of HW 160 in Nevada to do so. Article:

IG users Whitesse/WhitesseJr, Dan_am_I, Speedyjeff, and Shinmikeyin are in attendance. 4 US Agera RSs, 1 Agera R, 2 CCXs total. Super excited to see what they can do!!!

Agera RS #136 white/blue/black (RS1)
Agera RS #137 black/black/carbon (Draken)
Agera RS #?? battleship grey
Agera RS #?? record car

Agera R #103 blue carbon/gold accents

CCX #46 black/ghost package
CCXRS #43 clear carbon/black

EDIT 11:15am PST - According to IG user cars_and_criticisms who is onsight they just hit 291mph... stay tuned

EDIT 2 - Update - According to people onsite they have made a 2nd run in the reverse direction (as required by Guinness) and hit 263mph, which brings their average to 277!!!!!!!!!!
Apparently it is quite windy there hence the large difference in speeds.

If these figures are correct, we have a new world record! By 9 mph! Not to mention the absurd 291mph run...

EDIT 3 - Update: IG User and owner Whitesse is reporting Koenigsegg have set official record at 284.7mph!!!!!! Unbelievable

EDIT 4 - 1220pm PST - Koenigsegg is reporting on their instagram an average, two-way speed of 277.9mph, VBOX confirmed. Congratulations to Koenigsegg!!! A record long awaited by every fan.

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Hello Will, long time!

As you may know by now, I was at this event. If you haven't already, see my full writeup at 277 -- The Way I Saw It -

A couple minor factual errors to correct in your info above: the black CCX with the ghost package is actually the carbon #055, and it belongs to the owner of the record holder car which is #143. The battleship grey car is #135.

I've just discovered today that my work computer is finally allowing me to access the forum again after about a year and a half. With the trouble the forum had with the hacking, the protocols wouldn't allow me to access as it was a blacklisted site.

You might see me back on here now and again going forward. It's good to be back. ;-)
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