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As promised, here is an updated version of my previous thread MUST HAVE MODS & BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK (HUGE COMPILATION LIST; MUST SEE)

1) Brakes:

ModBargains Brembo Big Brake Kit Upgrade
· Problem on Brembo BBK
· Supreme Power BREMBO Sale
· BMW getting Brembo as OEM part.
· Brembo BBK and Passport install pics
· Brembo BBK install not a simple bolt-on
· Brembo brakes front + rear now available
· AP/Brembo brakes: who has them? Where to learn more/see pics?

· Rotora Monster Brake Kits!
· Has anyone installed ROTORA 12/4 piston brake kit?
· Rotora 12 Piston Kit with 16in rotors fits stock wheels
· Rotora Brake kit with 19 inch Dinan lightweight wheels.

=Miscellaneous Brake Threads=
· Video and pictue: AP Racing big brakes available for the BMW M5 and M6
· Detailed description on the M5 brakes from Continental
· Change Brakes?
· brakes and high speed runs
· Feedback on M5 Brakes?
· How good is the standard E60 M5 brakes
· Painting your brakes step by step documentation
· First glimpse of the Big Brakes!
· Feedback on red calipers for stock brakes
· Advice on locking up front brakes?
· rear brakes @ 14k miles.
· M5 Brakes: This has got to stop!
· Track Prep (Brakes)
· Brakes squeaking after 1200 mile service?
· Squeeky brakes / wheels = £200 ($380) strip down!
· Dustless brakes for the M5
· dinan/ brembo brakes
· Ring Taxi Brakes
· What's the consensus on the M5 brakes? Good, bad, ok?
· Squealing Brakes
· Brakes and stopping distances.
· Ceramic brakes for M cars?
· M5's "poor" brakes
· Brakes? Brakes... Brakes!
· E60 M5 brakes
· Open Brakes Ducts Work !

2) Camshafts:

3) Differentials:
=Dinan & Evosport=

=Miscellaneous Differential Threads=
4) ECU tuning:

· Active Autowerke M5 ECU Upgrade
· G35 Turbo vs. M5 Active Auto ECU video
· Reflashed My Software And Dynoed The Car Today!
· Active Autowerke's ECU flash +25 rwhp?
· My impression of the AA ECU upgrade
· Active Autowerke V10 Stage 2.5 Performance Package Incl. Software Now Available
· Determining installation of AA software?
· 50% off All Active Autowerke V10 Software for Bimmerfest
· Active Autowerke may charge for reflashes
· Would you take advantage of a special buy on AA software for $550?
· Active 25th aniversary 50% off

· *** ESS M5/M6 Fall Software Special!
· ESS Software Installed. (report)
· ESS E60 M5 / M6 Performance Software GROUP BUY - Summer Special!
· ESS E60 M5 / M6 Custom Tuned Performance Software GROUP BUY RETAKE!<
· Another ESS ECU Tune: Thoughts and Impressions
· ESS software before and after test with V-Box
· ESS Software Owners...Update on your experience
· Anyone besides Keang24 installed ESS software?
· ESS Software Installed. (report)
· ESS E60 M5 / M6 Custom Tuned Performance Software GROUP BUY
· Anyone installed ESS tune on v24?
· Initial response on ESS Software update!!
· ESS E60 M5 / E63 M6 Performance Engine Software Launched! M5Board Special
· Friendly Race: ESS E60 M5 vs. Modded '08 E90 335
· ESS software tuning now available!
· Dyno Update: Power is Back after reflashing to Stock ECU

=Miscellaneous ECU Threads=
5) Exhausts (Headers, Mufflers, X-Pipes...):
=Active Autowerke=

· Feedback on Borla exhaust for E60 M5?
· Corsa exhaust Update?
· Group Purchase on Corsa Exhaust Systems for E60 M5
· Corsa Exhaust Coming Soon
· Corsa Exhaust Report
· Corsa vs Evosport Exhaust Systems
· The new Corsa exhaust system
· Going to MFest? UUC wants to let you be the first kid on the block with a UUC/Corsa exhaust to show off!

· Dixis Titanium exhaust
· Dixis Titanium Exhaust and H Pipe
· Aftermarket exhaust from Japan...?
· Dixis Exhaust

· Video: Hartge Exhaust on my Beast
· X-Pipe - Hartge vs. SuperSprint
· Hartge with straight pipe:
· Video: Hartge M5 exhaust with Powerpipe
· Hartge Exhaust recent installation
· tuning.. exhausts, wheels, ECUs?
· Video: Turner Motorsport Hartge M5 (Hartge Exhaust Sound Clip)
· Video: Turner Motorsport Hartge M5 (Hartge Exhaust Sound Clip)- 2
· Cold start with Hartge exhaust (video)
· Hartge exhaust w X pipe question!
· Just ordered Hartge exhaust
· Got my Hartge exhaust and X-pipe installed.
· E60 M5 Hartge Exhaust US pricing And vendor info
· Hartge Exhaust Question?

=One and Only=
· Feedback on Remus exhaust?
· Remus Exhaust system
· Remus Exhaust

=Rogue Engineering=
· My New Rogue Engineering exhaust (video)
· Experiences with Rouge Engineering exhaust?
· Rogue Engineering e60 M5 Exhaust
· Rogue Engineering Diablo Exhaust (e60 M5)
· Rogue Engineering Exhaust group buy status?

· Stebro Exhaust (back portion only) HELP!!
· Experiences with Stebro exhausts?

6) Intakes (CAI) / RAM Air / Filters
=Miscellaneous Intake Threads=
7) NOS:

· Outside Temp and NOS use
· How long does a bottle of NOS last? How much $$ for new one / refill?
· Dinan 5.7 or ASR Nos?
· M5 (E60) with NOS runs [email protected] at dragstrip
· Intake Innovations: incorporating NOS
· Experiences with NOS?
· Experiences with 150 shot NOS?
· NOS reliability issues
· M5 (E60) on the bottle - NOS

8) Oil Cooler:

· BeastPower Motorsports, Inc. (5-series store) - BMW M5 (e12, e28, e34, e39, e60, e61): DiXis Oil Cooler for the BMW M5 (e60)
· Experiences with Dixis Oil Cooler?

9) Pulleys

=Rogue Engineering=
· Rogue Engineering Pulley Package: FREE installation/FREE shipping
=SP Engineering=
=Miscellaneous Pulley Threads=
· I want it sooo talking about pulleys

10) Sprint Booster
11) Stroker Engines:


12) Suspensions, Springs, & Coilovers:
Dinan Stage 2 Suspension - WOW!!!
=RD Sport=
13) Throttle Bodies:

14) Other Mod Advices, Suggestions & Feedback
Apologies if I’ve missed any important thread, but please feel free to let me know so we can add them to the above compilation. Thanks.
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