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Hi everyone.
I have a very important question for you.

The engineer's doing the varnos timing alignment.
But it only turns the starter motor and doesn't start.

The diagnostic does not have any related error codes and only displays an exhaust warning after starting.

The engineer says the spring in the vanos gear seems to have been misassembled.

Question 1
If the vanos spring assembly goes wrong, is it not even going to start?

Question 2


This is a 1-5 bank. Where should the holes indicated during spring engagement be located to the left or right or center?
If it is to the left, is the exhaust side in the opposite direction to the right?

I wait for the heroes to answer.
Thank you

We have identified other problems that won't start.
1. Spark plug normal
2. Throttle normal
3. throttle normal
4. Fuel volume and oil and coolant flow normal
5. Transmission learning completed
6. No diagnostic error code
7. Evl Error Counter Reset Complete
8. Join All Plugs and Jacks
9. New Battery Replacement Complete
10. At start-up, turn the starter until the brake is released. Also hear engine belts and vanos compressing
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