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Just had my M20 installed by local pro installer. While impressed with the work done inside the cabin, I'm not sure the external units are in the best place. He installed them just under the front bumper, just about where the "sink drain mod" would go, one on each side. But they are quite far forward

Obviously its a matter of aesthetics vs function, but I think he put them too far out in front... you can see them from 50 feet away. They stick out over an inch from the front of the bumper (pics to come).

I came across this thread (look at #19), which explains the physics behind allowing a recessed placement (of a Lidetek, not Blinder):

Anyone have pics of their Blinder install? Most of the old pics on the board are long gone. I'm hoping to bring them to him so he can re-do it. I'm looking to make them less noticeable, but still function well.



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Here you go

Here's mine. I installed it myself.

I agree, if it sticks out about 1 inch from the front of the bumper, then I think its too far out and should be moved towards the back.

I installed mine flush with the front of the bumper.

As far as distance apart, I think your installer installed it correcty which is per the manufacturers requirements.

Hope this helps.


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