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No im not talking about ECP and GSF here!

Talking about things like Black diamond Brakes and Discs. Im not sure how much the origionals are but Ive had some good experience with Black Diamond and Red Dot.
If they are as good or better then the origionals and cheaper, I would think its worth it. Dont you think? Its not a heavy modification of any sort.

What about Air filters? Im not talking about power sapping Cones, just replacemement types similar to K&N (K&N aprently dont do much filtering!)......or just not worth it?

Has anyone experimented with other parts which arent origional like Shocks, springs etc?

I feel the car is setup very well as standard so I wouldnt really mess about other than the brakes. If I can change them and save a few hundred quid it doesnt hurt.
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