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after 99,000 miles, I'm replacing the MAFS next week...........

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I'll let everyone know the results - I'm replacing the entire units at $308 ea.

Car seems to be a little sluggish.
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Hello Tranck,

1. Anzir posted you can get new MAFs for US$150 each:

99 k miles on the MAFs is exceptionally good.

In order for others to be able to quantify how well the MAFs on their cars work, data from as many factory-new MAFs as possible is needed as a baseline for comparison.

Would you like to perform a DIY MAF / fuel-flow test as described in

and post the result, with details on what fuel, air temperature, and if possible athmospheric pressure and humidity as well, please?

Would you like to perform the DIY MAF test before and after changing to new MAFs and post the results, please?

How many miles on the intake air filters?

Best Regs,

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