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My provincial BMW club put on an advanced driving course, a nice graduation from Spartanburg. Some thoughts...

- Definitely getting into recreational motorsports, but probably not full-time with the Beast. As others have mentioned, the big car goes through brake pads quickly.

- Heel-toe needs way more practise

- If you can (and you're a newbie like me), get your instructor to flog the car for a few laps and ride shotgun. It's a blast to experience a pro testing (and marvelling at) the car's limits; plus you pick up huge pointers as he talks your through a lap.

- Also in attendance were E30 and E36 M3's, an M6, a heavily modified Camaro SS and a brand new 360 F1.

- I went through about 30 liters of fuel in 80 kilometers...that's about 6.3 mpg (maniacal laughter)

A highly recommended experience!

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