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FULL GALLERIES & PRICING INFO (ask 4 better price)

In-House Wheel / Tire Packages Available (see how we do it)
There are several reasons to buy from us. Firstly, we personally pick up ADV1 wheels from their manufacturing facility in Southern California. We do not blindly drop ship the wheels like other companies. We first make sure that the quality of the finish is acceptable and only then send out the product. Secondly, we provide you with the most competitive pricing as we are one of the original dealers to adopt the brand. Lastly, our mounting and balancing equipment and procedures insure that your wheels will not have exposed wheel weights or any type of damage.

TRAK Function 3-Piece
Three-Piece Street/Racing Wheel 18" - 22" (AVAILABLE IN STEP AND FLAT LIP)
ADV5.0 TF | ADV08 TF | ADV07 TF| ADV5 TF | ADV10 TF
ADV05 TF | ADV05 TF| ADV5.2 TF | ADV8 TF | ADV6 TF

TRAK Function wheels are on "ADV1 Introduction Special" discount so call us for best pricing 877-422-4736 x 2


Monoblock & Monoblock "SL" Series
One-Piece Street/Racing Wheel 18" - 23"
ADV5.01 | ADV5.1 TF | ADV5.2.1 | ADV7.1 | ADV05.1
ADV7.01 | ADV08.1| ADV10.1 | ADV8.1 | ADV6.01

One-Piece Racing "Super Light" Wheel 18" - 23"
ADV5.01SL | ADV5.1SL | ADV05.1SL | ADV5.2.1SL | ADV7.1SL

SL "Super Light" series comes in 2 flavors. The first application is slightly more expensive then the regular ADV1 monoblock but it is quite a bit lighter. Those wheels are manufactured for a wide variety of vehicle and they have a set load rating.

The second application is where it gets a more complex and very expensive. You can actually order the SL series wheel for your specific vehicle. Track-Specific wheels are designed and load rated to accommodate your car's specific weight. In order to achieve the lightest possible weight of the wheel without compromising it's strength 6 wheels and 2 tires need to be purchased. The 2 wheels and 2 tires will intentionally be destroyed during the testing and engineering phase. Before you ask, these wheels would cost between $18K and $25K.


Three-Piece Forged - Light Concave and Deep Concave w/Reverse Flat Lip
Three-Piece Street Wheel 18" - 22"
ADV5.0 | ADV08 | ADV07 | ADV5 | ADV10
ADV05 | ADV7 | ADV07 | ADV5.2 | ADV8

Three-Piece Forged - Track Spec / Contoured w/Step Lip
Three-Piece Street Wheel 18" - 22"
ADV6.0 TS | ADV5.0 TS | ADV08 TS | ADV07 TS | ADV10 TS
ADV05 TS | ADV7 TS | ADV5.2 TS | ADV5 TS | ADV6 TS

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