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Admins, are you listening, do you care? I didn't think so.. bye bye, my E39M5 and E60M5 are going elsewhere.

I've been a member here since 2006, THIRTEEN YEARS!!!!!!

I have to say....... not that any of the admins are listening but as this site now SuCKS....this new look SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!! I hate it.... I see more ads than actual content, I've hated it since it started and I've tried changing stuff in settings to make the ad crap, filler text etc smaller.... the value I'm getting out of this board (despite my comments above) has diminished to the point I hardly come here any longer and don't plan on it in the future).

Sadly this will probably be my last post on this forum, the admins / owners have ruined it as they have all the forums / boards they've purchased. I will NEVER shop from any of the advertisers on this board and will now take my M5 info shareing/researching to boards like we use to have here... sigh...

It takes 5 pages of this new site to read what was once on one page.. this is pure BS putting revenue ahead of what was a great site... the members are awesome but the capitalist pigs have ruined it. It took 4 god damn page refreshes to enter this post because of all the ads lagging and crashing Firefox... well done admins.... I hope you're enjoying the dwindling revenue as you ruin what was a great forum.

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