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Hi all,
I've been a long time member of this forum with an obsession since the day my pubescent eyes watched Madonna being shaken, not stirred, in the back seat of the car that would become the focus of said disorder.
In 2011, that dream came true with taking ownership of my "Big Bertha" and so began a rollercoaster of a romance of owning the ultimate driving machine of my dreams while delicately balancing the repair and maintenance bills on a third-world pay check for 5 years.

Then, as the way with life, I finally grew tired, sick and fearful of the country I was in (which is famous for having an entire jet and $11.73 billion disappear as easily)
So I left it all behind. I left her behind. I migrated to Australia in 2017 with nothing more than two suitcases and the clothes on my back.
Fast forward to 2019, now with a stable job, a decent pay and a safe sheltered garage waiting, I've brought her over to join me in this beautiful country.

Now the love story may continue ... (albeit with totalitarian speed limits)
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