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AC Schnitzer carbon fiber trim for M5?

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Does anyone know if the AC Schnitzer carbon fiber trim is available for the M5? I'd like to find some better pictures than the one shown on this page:

I'm thinking of replacing my aluminium plastic trim with carbon fiber. I wonder if their trim would look good with my interior (silverstone all leather). Where could I order this stuff in the US? Anyone have any experience working with an AC Schnitzer reseller here in the states?

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I ran into the same problem of not liking the original trim, but I had my trim repainted into metallic black, the original BMW interior shadowline colour. Together with the leather interior it looks great.
Bavaria Autosport looked like they carried a really nice carbon fiber kit for the 5 series. Had the navagation system piece on the center dash, 4 door pieces and all the smaller dash pieces. I think it was around $1500, not quite sure. Can't find the web page with the picture anymore.
Hmm... I checked out Bavarian Auto, at , and called them, but the only replacement trim they carry was the same brushed plastic aluminum I already have. I couldn't find any other Bavaria Auto

Thanks anyway,
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I got the Bruyere wood with my car; what exactly do you mean by "plastic aluminum?"

I thought it was "aluminum aluminum."
It's actually titanium-look brushed aluminum
Well, the aluminum trim is made of a layer of shiny, mirror-like aluminum, coated with a layer of plastic-like substance that gives the aluminum a "brushed" look. It's not actual brushed aluminum. The problem with it is, the upper plastic layer can get scratched or worn fairly easily.
Thanks! That's the first decent description I've gotten. Now I understand . . .
Got the bekkers catalog in as well. carbon fiber kit looks swwweeeeet. Little pricey.

All dash & door pieces $1800
Carbon/Leather steering wheel $785
Shift Knob $134
Brake lever $180

If you are interested, maybe we can all hook up a group deal and catch a discount on the complete setup. I would shoot for 20% off, if we can order about 5 complete kits.
Yes! That sounds pretty sweet -- is the carbon fiber dark or light? It looked pretty dark from the picture; I think the light stuff looks kinda tacky. If I got it, I don't think I'd get the steering wheel replacement -- I'm not convinced it would look better than the M5 steering wheel or be a drop-in replacement for it.

Anyone else interesting in buying this stuff?
It's the dark one, it's pretty clear in the catalog. I agree the lighter one looks a little weak.
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