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Hey BMW family,
My 2007 M6 E64 with under 50k miles, recently threw the ABS symbol and brake warning.
I stopped by my Indy shop just before closing and they quickly
checked the codes. Possible ABS unit failure. Because they were
rushed, I didn't get to write down the codes. He reset the warning and
I was good for about a week of light driving. He said if codes came
back, it probably was the ABS module.

Today the warning came back. I'm going to bring it back for better diagnosis and repair.
However, I've gotten recommendations from other BMW owners to have the unit rebuilt,
instead of buying a new or rebuilt unit.

Can anyone recommend a good rebuilder? I've read on this forum a few, BBA and
ModuleMaster. BBA has some rough reviews, but ModuleMaster seems better.

Any recs? Ideally on East coast US. Any experience with rebuilt units?

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