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About to buy - a Few questions

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Greetings. Getting ready to buy an M5 (in Southern California). A few questions for the group:

1. From snooping around, it seems that there are some differences in the cars in late-2001 forward, but are they significant?

2. How rare is the two-tone interior (is that silverstone)?

3. If a care doesn't have nav, how hard is it to pop one in?

4. What should I expect to pay for an extended warranty from a dealer (7/100K mi)?

5. Although it clearly will vary by drivers, at what mileage should I expect a clutch on this beast to need replacement (meaning, if I buy a car with 40Kmi, should I expect to pop in a new clutch around 50K? And if so, how much should a good clutch replacement cost me?

6. I'm biased in favor of a CPO, but it seems that people have good experience here with private party deals. Does anyone have a good mechanic recommendation in LA to do an inspection of a private party car?

7. If I buy private, can I take it to a dealer to buy an extended warranty (if the car is still in warranty?).

Thanks. I cannot wait to get my hands on the right car.