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A Sad Day

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I got a solid offer of $17,000 on my 2000 E39 babe with the mods you see below in my signature and I'm gonna take it! :biggrinbounce: But, boy do I have Seller's Remorse. What a gem of a car. I still think I'm an idiot, but my wife is right - two M's are 2 many and there's this really sweet Ducati that's been giving me the "come hither" sign - alas another Siren.
It's been fun reading and learning w/you guys and gals over the years. I hope the M6 group is half as good as ya'll.

Here's a link to my girl if your interested

Enjoy the rest of your rides....:byee55amg
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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