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see below...

Why doesn't the car have foglights? That space was left open for airflow to cool the brakes. It's pretty much necessary for a 4000 lbs car that's supposed to come factory ready for a track.

Is there rear foglights that can be activated? I know with the E9xs it's possible. I think Euro E60 Cars came with them. We don't have that option in the US.

How do you set the Air Conditioner to blow through the vents individually? Go to Climate in the iDrive. You can set up the split between front vents and foot vents for driver and pasanger, as well as windshield defrost. I did

Where are the daytime running lights? Depends on your model year. The corona (angel eyes) lights are DRLs on 2008+. On my 2006 car no lights are lit when the switch is OFF. So, for DRLs you can either turn the lights ON (which is what I do) or put them in the park position for the rings to turn on.

Can somebody explains these things to me? Most of this is in the manual, really. The rest can be found by searching the forum.

Does the option the car came with have anything to do with any of these questions? As far as I know, no fogs and climate were all the same on all cars. Daytime running light might be different on the LCI (2008+) cars, I am not sure of exact details on lighting differences LCI vs pre-LCI.


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