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"It is a feeling of excitement and exhilaration combined with absolute fear that only a handful of supercars are able to match".

"Going fast in a straight line is one thing; being able to transform that world, point-to-point speed down a twisty B-road is quite another, especially as the 5-Series is hardly a small car against the tape measure."

"It's a superb supercar-killing beast of a machine and when it's on song and you have the right road, it is one of the best four-door saloon cars on the planet."

Stirling Moss test drives the BMW M5 - "what an incredible machine"

"It is stupendous in every way, all wrapped up in an unassuming body."

"Porsche-bashing. Ferrari- eating leviathan of mind-blowing proportions."

"The BMW M5: supercar pace, supercar soundtrack, space for the family. Providing you can afford the 13 mpg thirst and infuriating 250- mile range, you need never buy another car again"

"This is BMW at its absolute best"

"You can sense the M5 is fist-tight, with everything clenched and ready for action."

"As for the transmission, it seems to have a mind of its own It's blipping the throttle pedal as I brake for comers, like there's a miniature Colin McRae inside the gearbox working the controls for me. It's sharp to the point of brutal"

"About 98.7 per cent of motorists who know anything about cars will tell you it is just about the best thing with four wheels ever created"

"Mind-blowing, earth-shattering experience."

"It is arguably the finest sports saloon ever made."

"Three blokes who lent us their balcony for an overhead shot were offered a ride in any of the cars in exchange for their hospitality - they went straight to the M5"

"Not even a caravan full of breeze blocks could take the edge off this unholy alliance of raw power and serene comfort."

"This powerhouse projectile is a Munich meisterwerke built expressly to snap the necks of unwary passengers and deal killer blows to those in cars with sporting pretensions who may feel the need to tangle with this brute."

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