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A favour required please - esp if your M5 is already up on jacks!

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Recently I successfully installed an M5 steering box into my non-servotronic 540i - see here. The reduction on lock is very welcome :D Now I wish to wire up the servotronic module to a fixed electrical feed to reduce the weighting a fraction but fixed throughout the range. Ideally it would feel like my non-servotronic 540i steering when I'm done. For now it's about 30% heavier.

I have some 2 core cable wound up in the engine bay and attached direct to the servotronic module. It measures about 9 Ohm resistance. I understand there is some sort of 10 Ohm coil in the servotronic ... so far so good!

To go further I need to know what typical voltages and current an M5 outputs to the servotronic module. Then I can wire up something to duplicate this - most likely a variable resistor so I can choose my weighting exactly!

This is where I need the favour! If somebody happens to have their car front jacked up and the drivers side wheel off, could they please unplug their servotronic, attach to a multimeter and then read off the volts and amps whilst steering is turned. Ideally with and without the M button as this will give a good spread.

Thanks in advance :)