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Well, I've known Tom (& Mayhem) for 12 years. What a shock. Tom's ready wit and insight will be missed.

Before the M3, Tom had a Corvette (C4 or C5; I don't remember). One of the reasons he got rid of it was he couldn't take the whole family along. After it, all vehicles had to have 4 doors. As much as he loved his toys, the family came first.

I last talked to Tom about 2 weeks ago, just after he went to track day with apexassasin. He was jazzed, and looking forward to going back with Mayhem to exercise the M5.

Tom's also the one who got me interested in BMWs. I had never driven one before; he let me drive his and I had a great time; shortly later my M3 was on order.

I'll miss him, but he won't be forgotten.

- Tom -
141 - 141 of 141 Posts