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I have owned a 97 c2s and a 99 996. I have owned other Porsches before so I dont consider myself a stranger to that marque.I traded my 993 c2s for the 996 thinking that it would be a much better car,However after 20,000 on the 996 I realized that the car was not as much fun to drive as it was when I first purchased it. The fun of driving the car was gone and the cheap quality of the new 996 was getting to me. The 993 felt much more solid and the fun to drive the car was always there.(Although it will not keep up with the new 996.) From the 996 I went on to the m5 and I have not looked back ever since. This car is superb, It will outrun a 996 from the 0-150 mph and will do it without a sweat.The quality of the car is years ahead of the Porsche and to get a Porsche with all the options that are standard on the m5 you have to pay in the low 80,s.Hope that info has helped you....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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