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95 540 M-Motorsport EDC Ground issues

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EDC not functioning at will. Turns on and off seemingly at its own will. I assume it to be a ground issue. Any suggestions as to where to start looking? Anyone know of common areas where grounds break loose and need reconnecetd? anything will help, thanks
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Do you get an "EDC NOT ACTIVE" warning ?

Is the suspension very stiff all the time ?

These questions will help narrow down the search for the problem.

A check control warning means the edc has detected a fault from a sensor
or shock valve.
No warning but incorrect operation could be a variety of other issues.

Main issue with wiring is where the loom exits rear floor/firewall and travels
over the rear subframe...this is a known issue, the wiring chaffs & shorts here.

If you've exhausted all checks you can do yourself then have the
fault codes read.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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