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Rod through the block - as in the block is actually windowed? If so, sourcing a B38 block is not the easiest proposition. Then the questions of what other damage occurred to the rotating assembly come to mind - is the head okay, etc.? B38 cranks are NLA from BMW and difficult to source used as well, particularly in the states. A B38 rebuild at any of the bigger name shops will start with a quote of $10k and go up from there depending on what all is done and what parts need to be sourced.

Is there any rust? If the car came in the early 2000s it had to have been federalized. We can see the US speedo in the photo - is the odometer in miles or km? If in miles, verifying that it has 100k is going to be tough. Does it still have the EDC shocks?

These types of cars are difficult to value. A nice clean example of a B38 sedan that doesn't need a ton of work could bring $30k USD. Depending on what all needs to be done to bring this car to that type of level, you could be into it for well over 30k. So you'd need to find someone that wants a project and has the ability to fund it. They're out there, but not growing on trees. Sadly these cars, while on the upswing, still don't hold a -ton- of value.
Hi thanks so much for such a thorough reply. As I recall, the hole is visible from the outside of the block. I will double check this when I get a chance.

The ODO is to my recollection in miles, so you do have a valid point about verifying mileage. Shocks were never changed on my watch, so I have to assume they are original.

Yeah, the values are definitely all over the place. It's a challenge. Anyone who does have serious interest, let me know and I can send you a more detailed history of every last thing in my memory about the car. I didn't want to clog up the thread with it and a million pictures.
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