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I realized that I need something beside my M5. :rolleyes: My initial thoughts included; Aston Martin, 360, F355, 993 turbo, E55, Subaru WRX and NSX. Each got own reasons to be excluded. I want them all though:nono: So I decided to look for either an SL55 or a 996 turbo(6spd). Possibly brand new. Please help me out!!! Anyone own/driven two out of three or all three including m5?? :flag: I'd appreciate inputs.

So here I have a few questions for owners;

1. What year/color and what kind of options? Purchase date?

2. Why did you choose to get one?? Circumstances??? Did you lease your car?

3. What is main difference/advantage/disadvantage over an M5? (If you have/had one) What's the main use(s) of the car(s)??

4. What was your alternative(s) at the point of decision?

5. How do clutch feel compare to M5? :hmmm (911 6 speed owners)

6. Do SLs feel heavier than M5/turbo in corner???

Thanks alot for your time!!!!:viking:


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I'd be glad to answer anything specific I can in a conversation, so PM me and I'll send you my cell #. I have a modified 996 turbo and an M5, so I'll comment on that plus stock 996 turbo. A stock turbo and an M5 didn't feel terribly different unless you were accellerating at 9 or 10/10ths. A modified turbo feels different at any speed. Handling wise, any turbo feels more tossable and is b/c you don't have the weight, lower center of gravity, etc. The M5 ride is more comfortable and it carries way more people and stuff. If I could only have one car to drive, it would be the M5. If I could have a car/truck and a "toy" car then I'd keep the turbo as the "toy" over the M5 b/c it is pure in it's purpose, albeit a limited one. I'd imagine the SL 55 has tremendous power, a decent ride and decent handling, but not the pure sports car feel the Porsche would have. Good luck in your search.
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