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Hello Everyone!

I have #242 B10 3.5/1

151 km (And counting as it is driven every week)

Imported somewhere around 2007 for my dad. (I can't find my original info) After a couple years he sold it to his friend whom sold it back to him in short order in fear of the chance of losing his drivers license. He just couldn't stay under 140kmh. Lol.

During that time he backed into something putting a ding on the trunk lid and losing the Alpina badge.

Imported my dad an E34 M5 Touring a couple years ago which has been his main toy lately and the Alpina sat in storage.

I bought it from him last year with 135KM on it.

Last fall my wife hit a groundhog with it and damaged the front spoiler and destroyed one of the fog lights. Insurance screwed me over and "repaired" the spoiler. Repaired means they fixed the cracked section and painted over the rest without any refinishing. Being 25 years old and a driver, there were several rock chips on the spoiler and to fix them would be "betterment" and not covered by insurance. No one contacted me about this. I assumed I would get a new spoiler since this one was cracked in half. Nope. So now the rock chips look like the repair was done by some kid in a back alley. They stick out like a sore thumb with shiny new paint on them. I have cheap aftermarket fog lights in it right now. I was going to modify them to hold VisionX LED lights, but again time constraints are working against me. Fog lights currenty do not work after the body shop had the car. I have not looked into it. Could be fuse, no bulbs, not plugged in.... AND the body shop "lost" the original LH foglight which was fine and I wanted back. (Extremely stressful situation that increased my hatred for insurance companies and this body shop. )

Car needs right front strut. It clunks a bit.

Car needs front brake work. After the storage period, brakes do not perform as they should. I have not even taken them apart to look as I work out of town and have virtually no time to do anything. There is also a slight shake when braking (warped rotor). I think the calipers may be sticking or something along those lines.

A/C not working. Loses its charge in about a day. I can smell it in the cabin so I think its evaporator related.

Various dings and scratches.

Loose door panel trim
Coolant smell on heat mode
Right rear power lock not working

OEM cruise installed although the car was not equipped with it. Pre-wired so I just plugged in OEM components from a donor thanks to Kurt Kniss.

Recently my every-day car blew up its motor (Passat W8) at a very inconvenient time in my life financially. I was going to drive the Alpina in the winter so it is currently equipped with 15" BBS Bugatti wheels with winter tires and was rust protected by Krown.

Auction bid price is with the BBS wheels. Add $1K for the Alpina wheels instead. (Center caps need refinishing, tires are pretty close to worn out)

25 years old means it should be eligible for USA without "federalization". Seems some people pay HUGE money to build a clone or import something legit. No need to pay for that foolishness with this car!

Car is located 60 miles North of Baudette or International Falls, MN in Canada.

WILL TRADE for something mid to large sized AWD import wagon, sedan or SUV of similar value. (A6 Avant, allroad, A8, E-class wagon, S-class, ML, Volvo XC, Isuzu Vehicross, Infiniti QX4 or other interesting AWD import. )

Pics on the auction.

Reserve is realistic.

eBay item 261546202526

email me to discuss and I can call you. jeremy at minibrutes dot com.

Walk around and start-up -
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