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Hi all,
I have an AFM from my '85 Alpina B6 2.8 sent out to Bavarian Restoration for diagnostics / calibration. They're having trouble finding calibration specs for this AFM. Although the Alpina B6 2.8 is based on an E30 car, the engine Alpina used in it was sourced from a 528i / 728i / 628CSi (M30B28).

I believe my AFM had been fiddled with by a previous owner and now needs recalibrated. The BMW part number for this AFM is 13 62 1 272 101 Bosch number is 0 280 202 025

Here is a link to with the part description.

I need calibration specs for this AFM. Can anyone out there help me out? I'll be willing to buy a functioning unit as well. Or loan one for diagnostic purposes.

Many thanks in advance.

Mark Pavich
Columbus, OH
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