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Hi Guys,
So I wrote my first thread when I introduced my Interlagos E60 M5 to the group back in March.
Being a fan of the E60 M5 for years, I knew exactly what the car was all about but had very little knowledge on what I was really getting myself into.
Yes I knew I had to rent a room behind the fuel station, yes I knew at some point Vanos problems would have me worried...and that If I ever got myself any clutch/gearbox problems....i'd end up with mental health issues.....But what life has really been like owning an E60 M5 is quite different.....Disclaimer: I have been very fortunate thus far.

* Nobody tells you that although the car is extremely silent in the inside (being all sound proof), on the outside in a dark tunnel it can be deafening....I got the impression from many M5 owners that stock exhausts were not loud enough....I am young and love nothing better then the growling sound of the V10, but man is it loud enough.

* Here in the UK the price of VPower Unleaded is sitting pretty at £1.38 a litre, a full tank sets you back circa £78 and around town I have struggled to get anything over 100 miles. This is a mixture of eco and pedal to the metal. On a long drive I can reach in excess of 200 miles.

* Now the only problem Ive had with the vehicle thus far, I had what now seems to be a very common fault, an oil leak from my oil cooler. Although my warranty company were very quick to tell me that they wouldn't cover this, this set me back a tidy £600 inc labour.

* Standard maintenance stuff, I have replaced all four tyres, these were quite low when i bought the vehicle so was expecting the cost of replacing. Got myself a really good deal on a set of Conti 5p's. Iv had the oil dropped/oil filter and micro filter changed at the cost of £400 all in.

* Earlier this month I gave the car in for a full detail which inc; claybay, polish, wax & get the Interlagos looking as tidy as ever.

So all in all a good first 8 months. Yes iv spent some money on it...yes the garage owner loves that i fill up twice a week...and he also rubs his hand when it eats a litre of oil a month. But tbh...I wouldnt have it any other turns heads everywhere....iv been to a few pistonhead meets and its always an excuse for people to come over and have a chat. I'm trying my very best to keep it as tidy, and as clean as it is. (Please find attached images)

The only thing that worries once you've had an E60 M5 V10 what next?........

P.S Feel free to follow me on Instagram for more pictures and constant [email protected]_INTER.


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