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Company Representative for CIC retrofits, 2010 MY
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Hi guys,

As the title says I am proud to announce I am again the first vendor to bring you another exciting retrofit for your BMW - the 6NR ConnectedDrive. :biggrin:

I am also offering other retrofits for BMW cars including CIC, Combox, 6FL, 6NF, PDC, M5 Instrument cluster for a non-M5 BMW and more.

This is what BMW says about the 6NR retrofit: :D
"Note: It will not be possible to retrofit 6NR on vehicles produced prior to 03/11 (04/11 for X models)."

BMW has not yet released the latest base plate and snap-in adapter so I couldn't test every single feature of the 6NR option, but the BMW Apps work fine and it includes Facebook, Twitter and Web Radio.

The complete list of features of the 6NR option:
1.BMW Apps:
- Facebook,
- Twitter,
- Web Radio,
- 3rd party BMW Certified Apps.

2.BMW Plugin - "...changes the iDrive screen to the same look and feel as the iPod function on an iPhone.It allows you to take advantage of all the iPod features (Genius, album art, compiling playlists, etc) that are not available via the basic USB connection. With future iPhone software updates, new features will also be available in the car. An additional benefit comes in the way of increased interface speed.", BMW

3.Video Playback - enables video playback from iPhone

When the new base plate and snap-in adpater are available you will be able to enjoy all of the above features, so you can start retrofitting the ConnectedDrive just now.

The 6NR option requires the following hardware components:
- Combox
- 6FL (BMW Apps)
- 6NF with the new base plate and snap-in adapter (BMW Plugin, Video Playback)

Depending on your current car specification I can offer you all or just selected components as well as full coding and programming to enable the ConnectedDrive.


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So I just ordered a 2011 X5 35d with 6FL (iPod & USB Adapter), 6NF (Smartphone Integration) and 6VC (Combox). What will I need to add BMW Apps and how much approx. will it cost? Thanks!
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