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400BHP vs 394BHP

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My early literature says down to 394BHP

Whats the deal?

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I don't even care. I just drove the M5 and the responsiveness is incredible. I could only really experience 2nd gear because I didn't want to scare the sales lady pushing third. I can say after 30 years of driving and owning BMW's this is, at last, the finest driving fastest Beember ever.

Mine is due in July, I can't wait.

PS A slight change in temp, barometric pressure, altitude can add or subtract that difference.
DIN (Euro standard) vs. SAE (US standard)
nwood: that 400hp is at the flywheel. If you look elsewhere in this site you will find that several M5's were dyno tested at 340 to 347 HP. That's only about 15% loss to the rear wheels. I will say that's plenty of horses getting to the pavement....
Euro spec is 400bhp and US spec is 394bhp
Jeff L's correct. Same engine in Europe as in USA, just a different way of expressing the same thing.
It's 400 DIN HP and 394 SAE net HP.

A DIN (German) horsepower (Pferdestarke) is a slightly smaller unit than the SAE (American) equivalent. Ergo, higher numbers but the actual level of work is the same.

To hell with it, just use kilowatts.
1 HP DIN = 0.986 BHP SAE

Originally posted by nwood:
My early literature says down to 394BHP

Whats the deal?


One other the old brochure they say 1.2g lateral force....
Marketing fluff.

I'm sure the car can hit 1.2 transient Gs, but the only place it's going to sustain 1.2G is on a BIG skidpad covered with 80-grit wet-or-dry sandpaper.
lateral acceleration = 0.9G, transitional acceleration = 1.2G (the former you experience driving around a curve the latter you experience changing lanes ... but there are people on this board who REALLY understand this, unlike the pretenders like me!)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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