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OK, here you go, finally done with the testing and development.

Sorry it took a while, busy at work and at home and I also had to experiment with different LED bulbs.

Project was to upgrade the 3rd brake light to Flashing LED with brightness comparable to stock bulb.

Parts: Bare bulb socket, festoon superbright LED, brake light flasher, load resistor all purchased at Wire connector disconnects purchased at eBay.

Load resistor was necessary so as not to trigger a fault light.

See attached Word document on how to wire up the LED flasher, the load resistor and the LED's.

Version 1: LED bulb was not bright enough. Also the bulb wont fit in the bulb socket so I had to superglue the LED bulb to the socket to make it stay. Not good enough for me.

Version 2: I cant find a bright enough LED bulb so I built one of my own. See attached photos. I used two superbright festoon LED bulbs. Works perfectly but still not bright enough for me.

Version 3: To increase brightness - I used 4 superbright Festoon LED bulbs back to back. Two forward facing LED and two rear facing. Finally, I am satisfied and can now be

Notes: Remember that the hole for the 3rd brake light bulb is the same size as the stock bulb, so you would have to tilt the LED sideways to make them go into the hole, then pull it down to lay the LED's flat, then adjust the LED's to make it face towards the rear of the vehicle. I little challenging but with patience, it all works fine.

Again, for the newbies, I am posting to share info, knowledge and experience on my LED projects. I am not seeking your approval nor asking you whether you like it or not, so keep criticisms to yourself.

Video here taken during day time. These flashing LED's looks really cool at night.

See attached photos.



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Looks great Dan!

Looks brighter than version 1. I should have looked behind you when we crossed paths earlier this evening!

Thanks for the informative post- looking forward to this upgrade.
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