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360 Ferrari in Autoweek

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Autoweek did a review on the 360. The interesting part is that the performance numbers were almost identical to the M5.

360 M5

0-60 4.92 4.96
0-80 8.06 8.03
1/4 [email protected] [email protected]

And there was only a .5 mph difference in the slalom and the M5 stopped sooner from 80.

Pretty amazing considering the M5 is easily a 1000lbs heavier.

Now, I am not comparing the 2 cars, they are very different and for different purposes, but all I am saying is the M5 is no slouch, especially at less than half the price.

I would be pretty confidant that a M5 would surpass a 355 in all these categories. Cool.

But again Ferrari fanatics, do not get your panties in a wad, I am not saying either car is better. I am just comparing some specific measurements. And yes, I know these vary from tester to tester. Usually though, each tester is semi-consistent.

Titanium w/ Black 00 M5
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They could be optimistic. Car and Driver came up with the same results in relative terms (they always seem to extract the best out of cars). So maybe it is some sort of conspiracy. I know the turbo 911 ate everyone's lunch. Generally though I find Car and Driver and Auto Week to be fairly consistent and fair. I have no way of validating their test, so I can only quote what they say. I am not going to argue over it, as I have no way to either calculate or measure. The posts was only for a point of interest and information. You can choose to believe, within reason, hat these car mags say or not. I am not here to convince anyone.

Then again,it could be some sort of conspiracy...

Jeff L
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