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3.91 Diff: Where's the software to fix D mode shifts?

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Was cruising home the other day and decided to try D mode for the
first time in ages. D5 - DCS off - P500s...and WOT! Car downshifts
to the optimal gear and hits redline...doink...doink! The inevitable
happens and it bounces off the limiter. I figured it would but wanted
to try it with the Evosport software. This got me wondering...what
ever happened to software that was supposed to fix this? Dinan still
says on their website that it's coming soon. I know Evosport never
promised anything but will they tackle this issue? Maybe there isn't
enough clamoring to warrant the dev time? Maybe it's proven too
difficult to figure out? Just curious.
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It isn't terrible... It says that all you have to do when you're in D mode is just lift lightly on the throttle and that allows the car to shift up. I don't know why they have not released software to fix the issue like they said they were going to, however...
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