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Since posting a few days ago, re- putting a 3.8 into a 3.6 car, a nice condition 3.8 6 Speed car has come up for sale near to where I live.

What are the things to look for, I've owned the 3.6 since new, 1990, and its been very reliable, except the normal wear and tear items.

On the 3.8 car what should I look for other than -

EDC leaking

Gearbox whine

Diff whine

Wiring loom under rear seat


The car has done just over 95,000 miles has been well looked after and has a comprehensive service history, with main dealers up to 85,000 miles.

Any well known tell, tells, or known traits for the 3.8 6 Speed would be more than welcome.

Many thanks,

The Gorilla.
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