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While the tyres were being changed on the car last week I noticed one of the rear shockers was leaking oil.

The suspension has felt quite soggy so it looks like I was right about the shocks.......I need new ones!

Anyway, i phoned BMW and they say the rear ones are like £250 each!

Is there anywhere I can get these revalved instead of paying and arm and a leg.

The only reason I need to save on the cash is that I am currently running 3 cars.

One is the M5, one for my wife and the other is the estate 325i I have for moving furniture and doing odds and sodds in.

Any thoughts?

I could just go and buy a decent suspension kit but no one I have come accross sells shocks for this car!

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They are right, if fact you got a good price, they normally quote aroudn £273 per rear shock plus vat and fitting.

Be thankful it`s not the EDC-III from the 3.8 cars, otherwise you`re looking at double that.

If you look at the top post in the E34 forum about re-working the shocks, Garcia had plans, but I`ve not been keeping up with the long thread so have no idea how far he got.

Upshot seems to be that reworking the units is not a fun pastime, certainly the 3.8 units there was talk of having to cut the top off and re-weld shut without melting all the rubber seals. I suspect any labour charge would be £100+ and postage, a bargain if your shocks are EDCs at £550-650 each, but for us 3.6 owners, sometimes the peace of mind of £500 for two OEM new ones is worth it. I don`t need to tell you it`s a £50k car from new.

From what I understand, BMW annoyingly renewed the contract with Boge who make the shocks, thus preventing Boge dropping replacements direct to market. This means BMWs price monopoly on these 15 year old parts continues.

(This has also had a killer effect on the second-hand 3.8 market, as the shocks will still cost £3k for a BMW main dealer to replace inc VAT and labour)

You could of course remove the SLS system, Dinan used to do a kit, but that was years ago. If anyone does know exactly how to do it or who still sells it; which pipes to join and the bits to do it, please tell us here, I`m sure the BMW FAQ site would like the info too.

Once the pipework is eliminated, then as pointed out, normal E34 suspension will work, so you ned bits from a E34 535i or 540i. I know the 535i (M30 6cyl) is 0.6" higher than an M5 stock. The 540is varied, I don`t have the information to hand. You might find that getting the ETK/TIS disks (basically illegal copies) from the internet auction sites (ebay) helps you see what works and what doesn`t without bothering the dealers.

Remember that the E34 M5 does not have adjustable headlights from inside the car, didn`t need them with SLS raising the back under load, so be careful on holiday (espcially if you and you best mate are dating fat twins! LOL!!) as with a boot full of luggage and two large units in the rear seats, you will be blinding oncoming traffic!


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Custom suspension for the same price!

I've been lookin' around for replacement shocks too,
and a couple of weeks ago I contacted Leda suspension,
who seem to have a very good rep. Not from my own
experience but from BMW car mag. They make custom
suspension kits starting at about 1000 GBP's.
Front height and damping adjustable, rears only damping.
At that price I'm preferring the Leda setup!
Or does somebody else think different?

Anyway, here is the e-mail, you can read it for yourself.


I'm looking for some info on your coilover sets, as I'm planning to update my suspension
as my car has seen the 250000 km mark and the last owner was not really kind to the car.
I read you make 'custom' sets for each application, can this be done for my 1989 M5?
The car will mostly be used on the road with once a year a trackday or so.
(I live next to the Zandvoort circuit in the Netherlands)
If I replace my standard suspension with self leveling in the rear will your setup be
always an improvement?
Can it be made height adjustable from -10 to -50? (many speedbumps in NL)
Will your suspension fit with my 245/35/19 front and 275/30/19 tyres?
(Now I have about 3 mm to spare between the rim and my struts)
What is the differance between the standard oil choice and the emulsified gas?
What is the extra advantage of the remote canisters? (or is that a racing/rally option)
What are rose joints?
Sorry for all the questions but hope you can give me a hand with this as
options for my car are more limited that one might think.

Met vriendelijk groet,


Dear Menno,
We can produce a kit for the E34. We would need your front units as donors for the stub axles. The kit would have 2 fully adjustable front struts (height and damping), rear adjustable dampers, and Eibach front springs and specially made rear springs. The total cost for the basic oil kit is £1035.04 plus VAT (if you have a VAT number we will not charge VAT). If you wanted to convert to a coilovers rear rather than the separate spring and damper the cost for the oil kit would be £1212.08 plus VAT.

The height adjustment would give you what you need. This adjustment is made using c-spanners and moving the spring seats up or down as required, it cannot be done from inside the car.

The emulsified gas option give a unit more suitable for track days. It has better reactions and cooling properties. The gas canister options taken this one stage further, and the independent bump and rebound units allow you to tune the car better by adjusting bump and rebound on separate adjusters rather than combining the adjustment.

Rose joints are spherical bearings that can be used on the rear dampers instead of rubber bushes, this is normally a competition option as they will transmit more road noise.

Emulsified gas kits are an extra £140.00, gas canisters an extra £640.00 and independent bump and rebound an extra £880.00 (all on the price of the oil kit, and exclude the VAT).

We have experience with self levelling suspension so I do not know what effect it would have on our systems.

If you have any more questions please let me know

Kind Regards
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Andy Miles
Email: [email protected]

Leda Suspension Ltd
Unit 1
Park Drive Industrial Estate

Tel: 01376 326531
Fax: 01376 326530


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Thankyou Ride154. You are a credit to the site. This is why this M5board is *the* place on the net for our cars.


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Eliminating SLS is straight forward. You can cap the accumulator out to shock, then lock in the leveling valve. Short pin 1 and 3 on camber switch. Koni, Bilstein, or stock boge shocks are available as are springs in varying rates.
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