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Hi all,

Due to an abandoned project and purchase of an E39 M5 im getting rid of all my E34 bits.

Basically, i have a 91 3.6 M5 that is complete, it looks like it was overrevved and spat out some valve shims. This damaged the rocker cover box and in all reality - probably some valves. The engine only had 120k miles on it at the time and is complete otherwise, air mass meter, air box, throttle bodies, manifolds, all ancillaries etc. Anyway, this led me to buy another engine:

Its a 3.6 from a 90' and is almost complete but missing an ECU and some ancillaries. I have throttle bodies, manifolds, plenum, air box, a/c pump, gearbox etc. It was perfect for what i wanted it for until i removed the packaging and paper from the inlet bores and i can see that moisture has gotten in. It is not corroded and looks like you could clean it but the head will have to come off for that. Id say the water getting in was from the engine sitting with no inlet/throttle bodies and it looks fresh i.e. i dont think its been in there long.

Im looking to sell the lot and have included some rough prices. Im very much so open to offers and will ship anywhere.

Good 3.6 Head ( needing strip down and inspection) - 600euro
Good 3.6 Bottom end (as above) - 600euro
2x 3.6 M5 Gearboxes - 400euro each
2x sets Throttle bodies with injectors - 300 each.
Engine loom x 2 - 200euro
Sump - 150euro
Engine mounts -100euro for both sides
Exhaust manifolds x 2 - 250euro each
Airbox x2 - 80euro each
Air Mass meter - 150euro
Power Steering/SLS pump - 300euro
A/C pump x2 - 100euro
Inlet plenum x 2 - 150euro each

I have the LSD and all suspension from the 91 car still.

LSD - 450euro
Nearly new front shocks - 250euro
SLS rears untested - 200euro for the two.

I will take 2000euro for all of the 3.6 Engine bits above - you could make one perfect engine kit and sell the spares resulting for 1000 easy.

As above im open to offers.

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