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2023 M5 Comp vs 2023 CT5-V Blackwing

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I'm in the process or purchasing a new vehicle and I'm torn between the M5 Competition and CT5-V Blackwing. There is about a $25K price difference between the 2 vehicles (on MSRP and not the out the door price). I had an M3 about 18 years ago and really enjoyed the car. I'm torn between the 2 cars and I've done a bunch of research comparing the 2 but I also wanted to see if anyone else had a similar conundrum and how they got to the point of getting the M5 .... or maybe the Blackwing.

Both vehicles seem to be very scarce. Most vehicles seem pretty scarce. Cadillac dealers are charging at a minimum $10K above sticker. By doing this, they are almost right there with the M5 Comp pricing. I think the build quality of the M5 will be better than the CT5. From what I've read but haven't experienced, the driving experience is somewhat muted compared to the CT5. Would I even notice this on my daily commute? I won't be taking either of these to the track. I like the idea of being able to get a 6 speed in the Cadillac but that is based on me sitting at my desk thinking about it. Driving it each day might become or chore or it could be a blast. I have 2 kids that drive with me each day. I'm 6'2" so will there be enough room in the back for a couple of kids, not just now but as they get older.

Thanks in advance.