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I am planning the annual pilgrimage to TimmayFest again this year. If you are in Michigan, Ontario (if you're coming through MI) Northern Ohio or other places and are planning on attending this year please add your name and ride to the list.

My plan, as of now, is to depart from the usual Costco in Madison Heights around 1:30 to allow time to arrive at the Polaris Hilton with time to relax before dinner at 7:00 on Thursday, 09 June.

TimmayFest :
Here is the route, for now, I am open to changing this if anyone has a better one.

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Please copy the list to your reply and add your Name, City, and any preference for departure, and your ride:
1. AGM5, Grosse Pointe Woods, Mi., e39 Anthracite M5
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